• Trailside Event Center (map)
  • 4416 North Prospect Road
  • Peoria Heights, IL, 61616
  • United States

Doors, dinner and drinks at 6pm
Show at 7pm

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Eleven years in the making, Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers have built a reputation for hard work and non-stop touring, playing music inspired by the roots of bluegrass while branching out into a sound uniquely their own. From lightning fast picking, to sentimental ballads—playing storied original material, traditional songs, and contemporary covers—The Prowlers’ live show leaves no one wanting.

Resting on no haunches, the Prowlers just released a new album “Still On That Ride” in the summer of 2015. Along with their cover of the Nigerian pop hit “Chop My Money,” the album consists of 13 original songs with each member collaborating in contribution. The band is beyond excited to put out their most self-authored work to date!

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The boys have worked with the US State Department on four separate trips in ten different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Russia, and put yet another notch in their European belt this summer, touring all over the Benelux and beyond. Continuing to push the envelope with their highly original songwriting, tight arrangements, and electrifying stage presence–with the bluegrass mantle on their shoulders and the best fans in the world by their side, The Henhouse Prowlers are here to stay for a long, long time.

The Prowlers in School

While not on stage performing or on the road touring, the Henhouse Prowlers have long been avid instructors on their respective instruments in the Chicago area. Recently, the Prowlers have found a way to simultaneously merge these two key components of their careers as musicians.

In April 2011, the quartet debuted its comprehensive bluegrass curriculum to elementary and intermediate schools throughout Evanston, Illinois. Through four weeks of hour-length assemblies and performances in the schools, they perfected their group instruction of the basics of bluegrass and the importance of this music in American cultural history.

The presentation introduces basic concepts of music theory, the Americana approach to telling stories through songs, and the history of bluegrass as a narrative of different cultures sharing and evolving in the southeastern United States. Each assembly is very interactive, inviting the students to sing along and ask questions as they arise. The Prowlers have taken their presentation on the road to schools in upstate New York and North Carolina. Their dynamic blend of music education, bluegrass performance and the ability to share their passion for the profession with the next generation is a perfect daytime supplement in the classroom to their cross-country evening performance schedule. If your school or music department is interested in this opportunity, please contact the band for references and availability.


Ben Wright. 

Ben is a founding member and banjo player of the Prowlers. At 23 he bought a banjo on a whim in 1999 at the legendary Old Town School of Folk Music. Within weeks he fell under its spell and spent several years making up for not discovering it sooner. Ben played in several bands before forming the Prowlers including the popular Chicago Americana outfit, Outlaw Family Band. Ben plays a 2013 Deering Terry Baucom model banjo, uses GHS PF155 Custom Light banjo strings, and has a Hoffee Carbon Fiber Case.

Jon Goldfine. 

As a founding member of the Henhouse Prowlers, Jon has been supplying the bottom end and sharing vocal duties in the band since its formation in 2004. Born in Chicago to a trombone playing father and an opera singing mother, Jon first learned the stand up bass in his Jr. High School orchestra. Since reviving his bass chops in 2000, he has performed in jazz, rock, and funk ensembles including MWC, and folk and bluegrass ensembles such as The Back Porch Ramblers. Jon is also adept on the electric bass, tuba and harmonica. He has guested on several recordings including Brian Walker’s Lookin’ For Light.

Aaron Dorfman. 

Aaron began playing guitar at six years old, and he has enjoyed playing many different styles of music, from rock to pop to Motown to country western.  Aaron studied guitar with renowned jazz and world music virtuoso Fareed Haque (Garaj Mahal, Sting, Medeski, Martin and Wood) at Northern Illinois University from 2002-2007 where he received his bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar performance.  Aaron first discovered bluegrass music in 2009 in an extremely unlikely place… on a trip to Israel with Charlie Harris (Bone Jugs and Harmony) and other friends, and he has been devoted to developing his bluegrass technique and repertoire ever since.

Kyle O'Brien. 

Kyle O'Brien is equally as comfortable on the fiddle as he is with the mandolin. Despite his youth, Kyle brings more than a decade of touring experience through various bands (The Earl Brothers and the Easy Leaves, both in San Francisco) along with many years with his family's band, The O'Brien Family Band, based out of Colorado. The Prowlers took Kyle on in Oct. of 2016 and the fit was immediately seamless on both a musical and personal level. In his off time, Kyle plays volleyball and is a visual artist.