Trailside Event Center Bar

We provide skilled and professional bartenders for your event included with your bar setup. Due to storage restrictions, we use 100% recyclable plastic cups, glassware is available for rental. We provide a full bar. You may choose an open bar, cash bar, or any combination. Open bars are priced based on consumption but you may also set a limit on your open bar. We are always happy to accommodate your wishes and suit your budget!

All pricing subject to change

Cycles Gladiator Wines 22/bottle
Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon
d’Altieri Moscato

We offer most domestic and imported kegs (ask for pricing)

Call brands $5 and up

Domestic Bottles $4

Import Bottles $5

**A $200 service and licensing fee will be added for bar setup. This is NOT a gratuity paid to bartenders. Please remember to reward your bartenders for excellent service!